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Scoff at Fargo Village: The Facts

Date: Every Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm Friday 5om till 9pm in December!
Event: Scoff at Fargo Village
Location: Far Gosford Street, Coventry CV1 5ED (see directions below)
Tell Me About It: #ScoFarGo

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Why Fargo?

To really understand that, you need to come and see what Scoff at Fargo Village is all about. It’s an independent retail village showcasing some of the quirkiest talent, design and technique in the Midlands.

Better than that: Every weekend there are things going on, demos to see, workshops to entertain the sproglets and great food to be scoffed. Plus we are only just at the start of Fargo’s journey. Hang onto your hats and watch as this part of the City comes back to life, one meal at a time.

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By car: Set your Sat Nav for Paynes Lane to find the free parking, then cross at the lights and head down Far Gosford Street until you see the Robot.

By Train: Coventry Station is a 20 minute stroll across the centre – which is currently being dug up. Consult locally for directions on the day.
By Bus: The No 1,8,8a,9 and 9a all stop at Gosford Green, opp Bramble Street.

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Next Big Thing

This Weekend! Live music and a Christmas launch to see you through December. Entry is, of course FREE, and there will be live music and late shopping till 9pm Friday, as well as #SmallBizSatUK showcases, a bar and carolling. Stick it in your calendar, share the flyer with everyone you meet and let’s give Coventry a spooning it will never forget!

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Check out our Traders this Weekend

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Get in touch with Scoff today and we will go show you how good food doesn’t have to cost the earth.



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