What is the Best Street Food?

Did you once wonder what is the best street food? That's good. Here's the answer.

As street food has become more popular and the market has improved, more types of snack, cuisine and delicacy have been able to gain a foothold in the market, but what is the best street food?

The best street food in the world. Sort of.

We are, of course, totally impartial, as we support all our traders equally. On the other hand, we’re all also traders, so you will forgive us for being privately totally biased. There are a few things I think we can all agree on here, and that has got the be the essence for the best street food possible.

Scoff’s 5 best street food characteristics:

5. It’s got to be portable. No one wants to break out the fine bone china after getting hold of their grub, so you need to be able to munch that bad boy standing up.

4. It’s got to be quick. Queues aside, that tasty nosh needs to be within me, fast. Especially with some of the amazing beef you can get from our Brum street food folks. Walk that cow past the grill and we’re done!

3. It’s got to be different. We can all throw a pizza in the oven, shove a sausage under the grill or BBQ the bejesus out of a few ounces of meat, but going out for street food is about letting someone do it better, tastier and without fishing the box out of the bin to read the cooking instructions.

2. It’s got to be from folks who care. Let’s be honest: you don’t get into street food for the money. You do this because you love it, you’re proud of what you do; because it took a lot of work to make it this epic and now you want to share it. Good thing those same folks are all super modest.

Finally of course:

1. It’s got to be scoffing brilliant. Like Nigella with a spoon, it’s all about the Taste.

Disappointed that we didn’t pick one food? How could we? There’d be anarchy. Instead leave your mark on the industry forever by sharing your favourite street food in the comments. Or going out and buying some of the best right now. Friday would be ideal: The British Street Food Awards are coming to Birmingham.

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