Becky’s Bhajis

Proper bhajis, cooked fresh to order Dietary Requirments: DF, GF, V & V+Facebook
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  • Becky was a passionate home cook before starting with the bhajis. When everyone keeps telling you your food is great your really need to sit down and listen, then get yourself a trailer and get our there selling. Becky’s Bhajis are some of the most determined people in the street food and they know they have a great product.

    For Becky, it’s the whole street food package that makes her job great. She’s another welcome escapee of the “proper” job and loves the camaraderie, the chilled out vibe and the general fun that is working in street food. We love the bhajis, so everyone’s a winner!


    Onions are only available locally at certain times of the year, but when Becky can get them she does! All the rest of the time air miles are kept to an absolute minimum and she has even found a local supplier for the oil used to fry.


    The food trays, portion pots and glasses used in Becky’s Bhajis are all compostable, and the used oil is recycled into bio diesel. This means your environmental impact after eating her tasty snacks is one contented sigh.


    Every single bhaji Becky fries has a specific customer in mind. This means it only gets into the fryer when you order it and is ready a moment later. As the bhajis are made fresh everyday you can be sure that it is as tasty as can be.


    Becky cooks her bhajis fresh for each customer, meaning you get a tasty little nugget of freshly cooked deliciousness, prepared right there in front of you.

    Speciality: Onion Bhajis & Homemade Burfi

    Founded: 2013

    Trading From: Trailer

    Based In: Worcester

    Range: 100 Miles


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