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  • Bare Bones Pizza produce Wood Fired Pizzas and is a family run company based in Birmingham. Father and Son team, Mike and Tim Evans are the main parts of the business, and the two you will meet the most. Daryl Evans is a silent partner, keeping us on the straight and narrow with her never-ending supply of optimism. James Kneller-Evans is our design guru and will be our main test dummy along with his wife Daisy when it comes to taste experiments.

    Our journey began after Mike and Daryl went on holiday to France. Mike was looking for his next career opportunity when he read an article about the street food scene in the UK. Mike and Daryl have been to Thailand and loved the street food scene there. Tim lived in Viet Nam for a year where he did the same thing. With this love of eating delicious food on the street, as you watch the world go by, an idea was spawned.


    All the Bare Bones Pizza vegetables come from local markets and suppliers. The meat is from several sources, but always bought locally where possible. Their ham, for example, comes from the local butcher and can be found gracing the Meaty and Spicy pizzas.


    Everything from cups to pizza boxes are recycled and 100% biodegradable. The plates are made from sugar cane and even the wood used in the pizza oven is beech wood sawdust compressed into logs.


    Every pizza is made to order with care and love, cooked in a real wood fired oven in the back of the van at 500C


    The Bare Bones Pizza is unique in taste, but also in shape: rustic oval shape, so you can always tell when they are serving nearby. It makes them easy to spot, so you will never miss them again!

    Speciality: Pizza

    Founded: 2014

    Trading From: Citroen Relay Van

    Based In: Halesowen

    Range: 100 Miles

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