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Scoff Street Food Collective brings together the Midlands’ best street food in one delicious place. Join us and get scoffing!

Welcome to Scoff Street Food

We are the Midlands’ first collective, founded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs & wanting to make more of this booming, brand spanking new way to eat. We are all street food vendors out there trading right now. There is no back office team, no one sat at a desk. The people out there in the elements are the ones back here writing this now. It means that we are always changing with the times, and that our knowledge of the industry is bang up to date. It also means we might take a few days to get back to you – that’s street food baby!

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About Us Scoff Street Food Collective

What is a street food collective?
Scoff was formed by a group of street food traders from the Midlands. We wanted to put on events where everyone, customers and traders, had an amazing day and came away happy. Great food, sensible pitch fees and a better time for everyone. We are a collective, meaning we stick together, help each other out and make sure that everyone is getting the best deal.
Do Scoff organise events?
Yes! Our primary goal is to make street food better. This means more work for the people who make the food, so that they can keep doing it and our lovely supporters can keep enjoying it. We organise events, but we also work with traders to help with problems; we provide support when the going gets tough and we work together to improve the quality of street food and the reputation of the industry.
What is a collective?
A collective, specifically, a street food collective, is a group of traders who have got together to make this brand new industry better. We want to make the best food possible, and to get it out there where the public can enjoy it. This means working with interested parties to secure places to trade and working with our traders to ensure that we are leading the way in terms of cleanliness and quality. It’s also so that we have someone to party with on Tuesdays. If you would like to join us, check out the criteria for joining here: